Waiting for an incubation in the lab until 9 pm…

…aka, my cells dictate my life.  Oh well, such things happen in the course of a lab rat’s life.  Pulling a 14 hr day USED to be fairly common for me in my old lab, but here, at DFCI?  It happens rarely…so it’s more a novelty than a nuisance.

Crazy busy past few weeks….stuff has been going full throttle in the lab (some good, some bad…fortunately, the good vastly outweighs the bad), and I’ve been able to sneak in a week’s vacation, too.  One glorious week up at the lake with my honey, and my sister and her family.  Lots of drinking and napping and game playing…all in all, pretty much a perfect vacation 🙂

Really wish I could think of something more exciting to blog about – haven’t I been saying that for a while, now?  Sigh.  I do lead an exciting life, honest!!! 🙂

With that said, I’m going to see if I can stare at my cells and see if that encourages the little buggers to grow faster.  Ha!

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Hello all!

It’s been a quiet few weeks in my world…no major traveling to report, or dramas.  In short, my life has been pretty boring and that’s just fine with me 🙂

I’ve had a chance to knit a lot lately and I’m nearly done knitting my Central Park Hoodie.  I’ve modified the pattern slightly – it originally called for worsted weight yarn and #8 needles, but I had a bunch of Wool of the Andes yarn in bulky weight that I had bought to make another sweater, and decided to use this yarn for the CPH instead (the original sweater this yarn was for has a TON of cabling and intricate stitches…and the black color just doesn’t do it justice.  If I’m going to spend weeks and weeks working on this pattern, you better believe it’s going to be in a color that shows all that hard work off!).  So, I’ve modified the CPH pattern and am using #10 needles instead.  So far, so good…and hopefully it will fit when it’s all finished! 😀

I’ve got my next projects all lined up (some socks, a bag, a cloche hat, and two more sweaters) and I’m picking out the yarns today.  One of my favorite websites in the world is Knit Picks.  If you’re a knitter, and you haven’t visited them yet, DO IT NOW.  I’ll probably spend $75 on yarn today, but I’ll have enough for all these projects and then some.  Buying this kind of high-quality yarn in a yarn shop nearby would run me the same amount, just for one of the sweaters.  Besides, Boston has lots to offer shoppers…but yarn shops are unfortunately not part of that equation.  My favorite yarn shop in Harvard Sq. closed just about a year ago and I haven’t really found a good replacement. Knit Picks fills that void and then some.  True, I wish the shipping was a little quicker, but if it means waiting an extra few days for some yummy angora that is less than my daily cup of coffee, I think that might be a good trade-off 🙂

Stuff in the lab is slowly chugging along as well…I’ve been waiting for some sequencing data to arrive and my cells to grow.  Joy.  I think this momentary lull in the action is just the dark before the storm.  Check back with me in a week 🙂

The boy and I have been watching the Tour de France lately – and before you roll your eyes, let me assure you that it’s a good time!  There is a LOT of strategy involved in winning this race than just peddling fast.  No human being can go 20+ days at top speed over mountains and expect to survive.  The riders need to use their heads as well as their muscles.  It doesn’t look like Lance Armstrong is going to win the whole thing this time around, but my second favorite ride, Andy Schleck, is currently wearing yellow, and that’s just fine by me 🙂

This weekend looks to be filled with more TdF (especially if my boyfriend makes another yummy breakfast like he did last weekend – it makes getting up at 7:30 am on a Saturday more bearable) and maybe some flea marketing…and some gardening…and some knitting…and some scrapbooking…

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Happy Monday!

So my earlier post outlined a million and one things I wanted to do over the weekend.  To say that list was extremely optimistic would be the understatement of the year 🙂  The honey and I pretty much did nothing this weekend other than sit on our rears and watch baseball.  It was a good weekend 🙂

Quiet day in the lab…I’ve been expanding some cells for the past week, and they’re just about at the number I need.  Tomorrow will be crazy and insane.  Today, however, has not.  The calm before the storm, if you will.

At least I have my blueberry iced coffee close at hand…AND the Sox swept the Dodgers (I was one of the many booing Manny upon his return to Boston), so it’s been a pretty good Monday 🙂

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Hello again!

Sorry, sorry, sorry for the lack of posts…between all the showers, weddings, college reunions, crops, conventions, pig roasts, family visits, birthdays, etc. I’ve had in the last few months, I’ve barely had time to BREATHE.  This weekend will be one of the first weekends where I can do nothing but stay home and relax in a very long time!

Things have been going well.  All this traveling means I’ve had ample opportunities to take a million and one photos – I’m very happy with the pictures from Philadelphia, in fact.  And as all of you scrapbookers know, pictures = scrapbook pages 🙂  I think I might have to spend some quality time in my craft room this weekend!  And the knitting!!!  I’ve managed to get a few “to knit” items crossed off my list and mailed to their intended recipients, so that’s always a good feeling.  I also stumbled across a new online knitting magazine called Twist Collective – lots of fun, original sweaters, socks, and even a darling little felted cloche hat…a few minutes on the TC website buying up lots of patterns, and another 10 minutes or so on the Knit Picks website to stock up on wool, silk, and bamboo, has me well on the way to an awesome fall wardrobe 😀  (not sure if I’ve mentioned anything in earlier posts, but I’ve decided that 90% of the sweaters in the stores no longer appeal to me…they are either boring in design, made out of icky yarn, or just don’t fit a chick with curves.  When will designers get the clue that if a girl has boobs, she wants to FLAUNT them, not hide them?!?!  I did see a few in the Ralph Lauren line that I absolutely ADORE, but at $500-700 a piece?  Even this diva can’t justify spending that amount on sweaters…so knit away I shall, and keep an eye to any sales from RL – a girl can hope, right?).

Speaking of Knit Picks, I ordered a bunch of stuff for my sister for her birthday (it was yesterday)…she’s just getting into knitting socks, so I snatched up a ton of wool in pretty colors, some fun knitting accessories like WoolWash (it smells so yummy!), cable holders, needle holders, etc.  She loved it!  It’s so nice, having another knitting addict in the family 🙂

My niece Ashley turned 17 on Tuesday…where did the time go?!?!  Just yesterday she was playing with her Bratz dolls and begging me to take her to the mall so she could pick out a new outfit for her teddy at Build a Bear Workshop.  Now, she’s all about college applications and SAT scores.  I’m so proud of her – she’s a smart cookie and she’s confident in herself – she’s going places, I’ll tell ya, and that’s not just a bragging auntie talking, either 🙂  She had to research a future career for her English class this spring, so she picked up the phone, called Harvard University, and asked to talk to an archeologist.  Sure enough, she lands an appointment with the head of the department (aim high, right?).  And Ashley being Ashley, she impressed the pants off this guy – how cool would it be if she ended up at Harvard as an undergrad?  She’d be right next door and I could see her a lot more than I do now!

My nephew Travis is also on the move – he’s on a bunch of different hockey teams, and he just made Junior Pirates!  If you know anything about junior hockey in Maine, this is A Very Big Thing.  He’s thrilled…and I can’t wait for his first game!  You can bet your bottom dollar I’m going to be sitting in the stands, cheering him on, and I’m soooo buying a Pirate’s jersey 🙂

Can’t believe it’s Friday already!  I’ve got lots of plans for the weekend, but who knows how many of them will get done?  First of all, my garden is sorely in need of some TLC – with all of the traveling we’ve been doing, we haven’t had a chance to plant a single thing.  We’re lucky if we can keep the grass mowed!  I think a trip to the garden center is in order tomorrow morning.  If I can’t get my usual planted this year, I’d like to get at least some veggies in the ground.  Last year, I had three different kinds of tomatoes planted (cherry, plum, and beef steak), three peppers (some hot, some sweet), cucumbers, peas, beans, and a million different flowers…but torrential rains throughout the entire month of June pretty much killed everything on the spot.  I think I got a dozen tomatoes all summer, if that.  My herbs did well, but those were in planters on the porch so the drainage was much better.  I have no illusions that I’m going to get a ton of veggies this year, but hope springs eternal, right?  At least my lavender plants came up this spring – the entire back corner of the yard smells so yummy!

So Saturday morning will probably be spent at the garden center and the afternoon will be out in the yard.  Maybe I can sneak some laundry in early Saturday morning (I’m down to my last pair of socks!)…and I’ve GOT to clean the house.  I’ve been doing a little here and there during the week when we’re home, but quite frankly, after an hour on the bus at night, I have a very low tolerance for scrubbing.  I think T is going into work on Sunday, so that might be my best chance to scrapbook…I went to my sister’s crop in May and got a good head start on some pages, but I haven’t done much on them since then.  Fortunately, the hard part is done – selecting and printing my pictures!!!  And I might even have time to download the pics I took of Janelle’s wedding…there are some good pictures in that bunch 🙂  So that leaves me Sunday night…and I would dearly love a chance to catch up on some of the cards and letters I want to write.   So all in all, it might be a productive weekend.  Then again, T and I might just pull the grill out, cook up some steaks, and enjoy some nice sangria on the back porch and leave all the chores for another day!

And with that, dear friends, I’m off to research some sonicators online…have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

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So I’m really not that good with this blog thing, am I?

Sorry for the decided lack of blogging lately…not that I haven’t had anything to blog about – quite the contrary!  I’ve been running my little toes off…lots to share, but it will have to wait until next week, post Philly road trip 🙂

Peace out, y’all! 🙂

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Since when has it been February?!?!


So February snuck up on me like a stealthy little Ninja…totally didn’t see that coming.  Oh well – I’d much rather be TOO BUSY than NOT BUSY ENOUGH 🙂

Not a whole lot to report around here…things in the lab seem to be chugging along fairly well, and I’ve been knitting up a storm in the mornings and evenings on the bus.  And I’ve been able to tease my honey something awful about what I am getting him for Valentine’s Day…normally, the roles are reversed and I’M the one begging for hints – if not outright details 🙂  He’s going to love it!  And no, I’m not telling YOU, because he’ll be sure to peek 🙂

Kind of a boring start to the month, actually, but hey – it’s just the beginning, right? Check back with me sometime later and we’ll see what sort of drama pops up 🙂

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Happy Monday!

It seems so easy to be an optimist on Monday morning, doesn’t it?  You’re (hopefully) well rested and eager to attack the work week and everything seems possible!  I’ve got a fairly nutty day ahead of me, so we’ll see how long this streak of optimism lasts 🙂

Had a great weekend – spent a good part of Saturday hanging out with Aileen in my craft room – scrapbooking and gossip just seem to compliment each other so well 🙂  Hit AC Moore twice in one day, yikes…good thing everything I bought was either on clearance or on sale!  You KNOW you bought a lot of stuff when you’re hauling the bags in the house and your boyfriend just shakes his head at you and says something along the lines of “thank God we have separate checking accounts…”

I also did a little scrapbooking on Sunday morning, too…I worked on about 10 pages from the masquerade ball I went to back in October, so it’s nice seeing the (nearly) completed pages laid out on the table.  The hard stuff is done – the cropping, the layouts, etc.  Now I just need to “tweak” the pages here and there and finish up the embellies (I ordered some cool feather and mask stickers from Australia  – hope they arrive soon!) – and then I’ve got more pages for the album!  Hooray! 🙂

Sunday afternoon was dedicated to football.  I never really got into football before, partially because I had no idea about how the game was played.  My boyfriend has been explaining things to me, and is wonderfully patient about answering all my rookie questions, so I think I’m starting to grasp the basics.  Once you understand exactly what a “2nd and 15” means, it’s a lot more interesting and you tend not to fall asleep on the couch 🙂

T is from Indy, so he’s a die-hard Colts fan.  Now I’m from a long line of Pats fans, but my niece and nephew have “gone over to the dark side,” so to speak, and are big Payton fans as well.  And after the second half of yesterday’s game, I might have to officially declare myself a Colts fan as well 🙂  The Vikings-Saints game was pretty good, too, although admittedly, I think I reached my football-tolerance limit of the day somewhere around half time.  T kept me updated with the important plays while I folded laundry, emptied the dishwasher, etc.

Half asleep on the bus this morning when a girl walked on with the coolest knitted scarf I’ve seen in a long time – I made a few little sketches on the back of an envelope in my bag, so hopefully I can figure out the pattern and make one myself 😀

And with that, I’ve got gels to run, cells to feed, samples to ship…ah, Mondays.  I love ’em.  Really.  As long as they treat me right 😀

Be joyful! 🙂

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Doing the Happy Dance!

It’s FRIDAY!!!

I can’t begin to tell you just how happy I am to close out this week…over all, it’s been about 90% suck, 10% hope for the future.  The strange thing is that, despite all the reasons I have to absolutely hate my life right now (see my last post), I find myself not hating my life…in fact, I still love it.

It’s all about putting things in perspective, I suppose.  Core facilities can totally mess up your samples/data/invoices, but as long as you have more RNA stashed away in your freezer, it’s not a total loss.

AND…my very cool “Flourish and Blotts, Diagon Alley, London” tote bag came in the mail yesterday…how can anyone be in a bad mood when they have one of those??? 🙂

But all in all, I am SO looking forward to this afternoon when I leave for the weekend.  What’s on tap?  Not a whole lot…I want to dive into some scrapbooking pages I’ve been mentally working on for the past few days…and I’m going to make some blue and while cookies for my honey, so he can watch his beloved Colts wipe the floor with the Jets on Sunday *grin*

Be joyful! 🙂

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Knitting for the Pilgrims!


A sure sign that today will be infinitely less sucky than yesterday…I get to knit for the pilgrims! *grin*

And you thought I couldn’t be more of a dork?!?! 🙂

If you’ve never been to Plimoth Plantation, you need to go.  It’s such a cool place – it’s a living museum and they focus on what life would have been like if you lived in MA in the 1620’s (not easy).  The people who “act out” the characters are called interpreters – and they’re decked out in full authentic costumes.  As a major history junkie, I’m in love with the place.  Where else can you chat with one of the elder pilgrims and ask about his opinion of Queen Elizabeth’s court?   As a knitter, I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve followed various interpreters around the plantation from time to time, if only to get a closer look at what they were wearing, in the hopes that I could re-create the item myself.

I read online a week or so ago that Plimoth was starting up a knitting group, in order to get volunteers together to start knitting some of the items the interperters need on a daily basis.  I was so excited at first – and then I realized there was absolutely no way I’d ever make it to their weekly meetings in Plymouth (I can barely get from Boston to Somerville at 6 pm on Thursdays – gotta love Boston traffic!).  Just found out today that I can be a “remote” member – I can still contribute and learn about authentic 1600’s knitting techniques.  Super cool!!! 😀

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Random Quips, Comments, Rants, and Raves…


Whadda day.

Ever wake up one morning and just feel you’re going to have a Great Day?  And ever proceed out the door and have your theoretical Great Day explode in your face?  Ya, that was my day yesterday.

It all started well enough – the boy and I made it a point of relaxing over the long weekend, which was the smartest thing we could have done – on Friday, he and I both had lingering coughs/sneezes and we were just worn out.  After some serious “pj therapy,” however, I woke up on Tuesday morning and just about bounced out of bed at 5:30 am.  I was rested!  I felt healthy again!  I had endless energy!  I was going to conquer the world and cure cancer – all before lunchtime!  Ah, yes – blissful enthusiasm filled every cell of my being…and then I checked my e-mail.

Oh, that data Partners core finally posted for us?  Crap.  Those samples that we sent to Vandy?  Hmmm…give us a call – we’re not sure if we can go ahead as planned.  Simple tasks that I needed to accomplish in the morning?  Took forever and drove me batty.  Add that to the fact that I thought that our furnace had died and the oil company couldn’t come out to fix it until later this week (meanwhile, visions of frozen pipes danced in my head)…oh, and there was an election in MA yesterday.  In case you didn’t hear about it.

Side note about politics: I’m a liberal.  Always have been, always will be.  I’m not going to apologize for my beliefs, just like I don’t expect my conservative friends to apologize for theirs.  It’s part of what makes America great – the fact that the diverse population can hold such varying degrees of what is right and wrong and not self implode.  So you can imagine I was NOT happy when some “friends” of mine who live out of state started to e-mail me yesterday, saying things like “I’m praying that you vote for Scott Brown and do the right thing.”  Umm…hello?  Do *I* ever tell you what to do?  No.  SO DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO.  Especially since you don’t live in MA!  Now, I do understand that this particular election holds significant interest for the rest of the nation in terms of the overall number of democrats in the senate and filibusters and what have you, but it boils down to the following: MA residents pick MA senators to represent MA in the senate.  Where does your average Joe from WA come into play?   They don’t.  End of argument.  You can HOPE that we vote one way, but you have NO say in the matter.  Love my friends, but that just annoyed me.  Even better when a girl I knew back in high school apparently went on an anti-liberal, anti-Aimee rampage on her Facebook page this past weekend.

Now, she made some fairly racially insensitive remarks a while back about the first family, so I asked her to keep a respectful tone on FB since not everyone shared her opinion.  The result?  Lots and lots of private messages from her and some of her buddies, accusing me of being a terrorist loving liberal who kills babies for fun.  Wow.  I unfriended her pretty quick and didn’t think much of the matter, until various friends we have in common started asking me if she and I had a falling out because they couldn’t understand her recent weekend posts.  Now, I feel sorry for this girl.  She hasn’t had an easy life and never had the advantage of a good education.  I’m not making excuses for her – what she said was WRONG, but I’m willing to keep an open mind about her as a person.   So when she posts things like “I’m so happy the assholes in MA finally voted for Christ” on other people’s FB pages (we’ve got a LOT of friends in common), I get kinda upset.  Whatever.  I hold my tongue and I don’t say anything.  Hate like that is just not worth the energy.  But ya, sweetie – if you ever read this – I loved you in high school and I love you still.  You were a great person to know so please take this knowing that I only want the best for you: GROW THE F$%& UP.  You claim to be a good Christian, but I’m not seeing it in these posts.  The bible talks about love and understanding.  Sure, people can believe in things you don’t necessarily like – it doesn’t give you an excuse to hate.  Aren’t you supposed to love your enemies?  You do so much good for the world – why mess that all up with all this blather about Democrats?

So I try to keep an open mind about politics.  I vote because I can and I should.  I want a voice in my government.  So it stung like $%^& last night when I realized that Brown took the election 52% to Martha’s 47%.  Sigh.  At least we have a man in office who says he’s going to do what is best for MA and for the country.   I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.  But still, it just landed on an already crap day for me.

Got home a LOT later than I wanted to be, but the boyfriend was home and he had great news – there was nothing wrong with the furnace (we just blew a fuse).  Phew.

In retrospect, it could have been a LOT worse.  I have the coolest boss on the planet – he understands that things in science and research will go wrong (they do – you just hope that it all doesn’t go wrong within the same day!)…totally, totally unlike my last boss.  I believe that people in Washington will try to do the best thing for their country, no matter what party they belong to, and that’s all you can really ask.  I went home to the world’s best puppy and my wonderful, darling boyfriend.  And I woke up this morning, healthy and eager to start today.  So all is not lost – in fact, life is pretty good.

Even with a republican in the senate 🙂

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